About us

The Citizens Initiative for the Protection of Human Life (CIPHL) is dedicated to promoting respect for the right to life of all members of the human family from conception until natural death. This is the most fundamental of the natural and imprescriptible rights recognised by the Irish Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


The CIPHL is committed to defending the 8th Amendment to the Constitution from any attempt to limit, nullify or repeal the protection it provides to children before birth.


No state, no government, no authority, regardless of public opinion, can abrogate the inherent right to life of any section of the human family. As such the CIPHL is calling on all Irish people to petition Dáil Éireann to safeguard the right to life of Ireland’s unborn children by rejecting all demands for a referendum to be held on the 8th Amendment.

Citizens Initiative for the Protection of Human Life

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